Friday, 10 March 2017

Easy Installation Prosses of Windows 10

Do you want to install windows 10 in your pc?

It’s only opined for installing the other versions of the windows that you will get with our instructions.
It is suggested not to install windows 10 in your primary pc. Use a test computer or a virtual machine.
Step 1: Join in the program of windows and  Download the ISO image of windows.
Step 2: You will install in a regular pc, then an optical disk can be burnt or a bootable USB flash drive can be made. Otherwise, only by using the ISO image the software can be used in a virtual machine if you like.
Step 3: By clicking on NEXT button most of the time is installed. Only by remembering the word NEXT you can start it. Here is the procedure of installing below.
① Click on the NEXT button and INSTALL option will be appeared. Here will have to click.
② At this moment you will have the opportunity to choose either upgrade or install new custom
③ AS to install in a test pc, it is to choose the CUSTOME option.
④ Now you will have to select where install the windows 10. Here you will need to remove or make partition but if you are going to use virtual machine, then you just click on the NEXT button.
⑤ Now it will be installed.
⑥ After rebooting the pc, whether the windows is enabled or active will be shown in settings that you have just used the process settings.
⑦ And you can sign in to your Microsoft Account. Here it is suggested to use profoundly as you will not be able to use the almost the rest of the features. But you can also use Linux and Windows 7 in this regard. Whether your account set-up is accurate or not may be said to be checked sometimes. But we are ignoring it here as it’s a very lame issue.
⑧ Now the way of installing will be discussed. As we have been wanted to test all the procedure in a new pc, so we will select the SET UP AS A NEW PC INSTALLED option. But if you want you can copy all the settings to another pc.
⑨ Want to use OneDrive?  It fantastically works with windows, so we will leave it here.
⑩ Now we will see a colorful display, something is happening here.

⑪ At last the desktop is appeared.
**Now click on the start button and select what you want to do.
For Download Windows 10 ISO File Click.
System Requirements For Windows 10
Before you start Windows 10 isntalling make sure your PC have to minimum
System requirements.
Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
Hard Disk Space: 16 GB of free space required.
Processor: 1 GHz Intel Pentium processor or latest.

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