Friday, 10 March 2017

Three Most Familiar Q&A Regarding YouTube!!

Three Most Familiar Q&A Regarding YouTube

  1. Why doesn’t it be exposed YouTube channel name while searching in YouTube?
Answer can be replied as-
  • Have to create sui generis channel name e.g. name of a channel is funny videos.
It’s a very general name in YouTube, numerous people make this sort of channel for that the channel name does not appear in earlier position.
  • That the channel name is unusual but don’t have any favourable content or more views.
It is suggested not to worry about as bygone the channel is popular or more views it will be appeared the channel name primitive in search box.
  1. How it to be confirmed YouTube channel linkage with AdSense account?
Answer can be replied as-
Logging into YouTube channel, by writing in the address bar,
“Sign in” option at the right will be seen.
After sign in, have to click on the channel icon on the right side.
Once clicking on the channel icon creator studio will be seen beside one gear icon.  So clicking on gear icon means “YouTube setting”
After clicking on  that it will be seen that the page which was  mentioned below-
Overview of the page.
Some options about account information are as follows-
  • Name
  • Account type
  • Account settings
  • Managers
  • Additional features
Now clicking on “Additional features”,
Many options about the Channel Status and features will be appeared, now by selecting “Monetisation” (view monetisation settings) option and then clicking on view monetisation settings it will be seen whether the monetisation status is approved or not. If there have “The AdSense account that was associated has now been approved
Its means the channel linked to the AdSense account.
  1. What is the paid content?
Answer can be replied as-
If it has been enabled the paid content tab that subscribers have to pay money when subscribe the channel. So now if it is thought of enabling the paid content who will subscribe the channel, then will never ever subscribe! Because they have to pay when subscribe. But if it is wished to enable also can done, but have to follow some of the some requirements.

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