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Design Your Blog or Website – Full Tutorial

Design Your Blog or Website – Full Tutorial

Regular browsing of different kinds of blog or website e.g. news, media, entertainments are our legitimate task.
Frequent sorts of blogs, of course different designs & contents are too.That’s why; it’s a familiar issue nowadays.
Typically web designing can be referred as making of website using Photoshop, HTML, CSS and some other contents like pictures.
On contrary, barring no one website can be built by HTML & CSS.So it would be easeful to know about HTML and CSS to form one’s own design on the blog as well as website.
Few Words About HTML & CSS
HTML & CSS both are to be defined as web programming language or web making language for creating a web design. And Photoshop is the photo editing software typically. Before to move for a web design it can be reviewed on the Photoshop at first.Thereafter it can be converted the photos to website using HTML & CSS.
Outcome Of HTML and CSS
It is good to have some idea about HTML and CSS who are keen to build up career through online. Because these are the key to establish a website as well.
Literally, web designing is the initial step to develop a website.
Market Demand
If the market is analyzed then it appears that the demand is at the high level right on.It would be quite strategic to accomplish the dynamic design as it has plea to score a high number of clients.
So bossing on web designing is mandatory in this aspect. However it will be wise to pursue Word Press primarily. Since Word Press is a kind of web content management system for making a dynamic website.
Financial Chances
In fact possibility of earning relies upon the skill undeniably. So to enhance the prospect it would be fool to confine into web design only rather Word Press.
Dilemma Between Qualification And Passion
To be truth it is inadequate have a so called qualification rather the interest which is the first and foremost pursuit in this arena. On the other hand, it is to be headed that duration may long whether it’s a newcomer for several months or may be years too.
Mode Of Learning
It is obvious that to have knowledge on HTML and CSS primarily. And the most effective course of action is to learn by watching the tutorials besides practices will to be carrying on simultaneously. Some sorts of links are disposed below which may a good kind of facilitator.
1. Basic HTML course by Rasel Ahmed:
Bangladeshi popular web developer
Basic web design course by Md Nurullah
Freelancer and creator freelancing care.
After you learn basic idea above that link
Then you have learn How to convert PSD to HTML.
PSD is one of the file of Photoshop for making a website but you have to convertSo lets watch video how to convert PSD to HTML?
PSD to HTML course by Rasen Ahmed & Md Nurullah
PSD to Secret Tips
If you new in Photoshop then you can learn about Photoshop also from this link below.
1. Basic Adobe Photoshop tutorial by RR foundation & Rasel Ahmed.

After you learn from above link then you have learn Twitter Bootstrap for increase your work speed.
Bootstrap 3 Framework Tutorial by Md Nurullah and Rasel
Create responsive website using bootstrap 3

After you learn from above link then you have learn some advance tips from this link below.

Ok now you can follow up some of the website for your learning.
No 1. www.w3school.comThis website is most popular website for learning HTML and CSS.
you can learn each and everything from this website, this is the master website of HTML and CSS.
No 2.
We called framework website. Very useful website, this website can change your learning skill about designing website.
So you must learn from this website.
No 3.
Any kinds of fonts icon is available there.Just you go and check.
No 4. Our Google a huge fonts for your website its free.
Another 2 more website have for icon finder which is
For code editor this website is very very useful and free
For practicing you can download from this link which is I give you below.
For designing code you can use
For checking the code is valid or no which one created by you.
You can use this website.
To acquiesce work, it has already been encouraged to learn HTML and CSS with Word Press. These are the fundamental requisite for dynamic designing. It is recommended to sight on the tutorials remarkably under other have to face toiling
Some another sorts of links are also given below:
What need to do for getting job?
You have to show your clients your own job I mean what types of design created by you.
No copyright are allowed.
You have create your own portfolio also for showing them your good work.
If they satisfy then may be you can get job from them.
If you want create your own portfolio, then you have to buy a doming with hosing.
Also you can create a free portfolio in Word Press. It’s easy to create.
So at the concluding to this topic-Learn how to design blog or website – full tutorialIf willing to the up-gradation. Then it also recommend to follow some of the website because they are containing a lot of theme, template etc .Another source of amass idea from
That is also encompassed by lousy templates.
Besides professional website can be seen like

Three Most Familiar Q&A Regarding YouTube!!

Three Most Familiar Q&A Regarding YouTube

  1. Why doesn’t it be exposed YouTube channel name while searching in YouTube?
Answer can be replied as-
  • Have to create sui generis channel name e.g. name of a channel is funny videos.
It’s a very general name in YouTube, numerous people make this sort of channel for that the channel name does not appear in earlier position.
  • That the channel name is unusual but don’t have any favourable content or more views.
It is suggested not to worry about as bygone the channel is popular or more views it will be appeared the channel name primitive in search box.
  1. How it to be confirmed YouTube channel linkage with AdSense account?
Answer can be replied as-
Logging into YouTube channel, by writing in the address bar,
“Sign in” option at the right will be seen.
After sign in, have to click on the channel icon on the right side.
Once clicking on the channel icon creator studio will be seen beside one gear icon.  So clicking on gear icon means “YouTube setting”
After clicking on  that it will be seen that the page which was  mentioned below-
Overview of the page.
Some options about account information are as follows-
  • Name
  • Account type
  • Account settings
  • Managers
  • Additional features
Now clicking on “Additional features”,
Many options about the Channel Status and features will be appeared, now by selecting “Monetisation” (view monetisation settings) option and then clicking on view monetisation settings it will be seen whether the monetisation status is approved or not. If there have “The AdSense account that was associated has now been approved
Its means the channel linked to the AdSense account.
  1. What is the paid content?
Answer can be replied as-
If it has been enabled the paid content tab that subscribers have to pay money when subscribe the channel. So now if it is thought of enabling the paid content who will subscribe the channel, then will never ever subscribe! Because they have to pay when subscribe. But if it is wished to enable also can done, but have to follow some of the some requirements.

Easy Installation Prosses of Windows 10

Do you want to install windows 10 in your pc?

It’s only opined for installing the other versions of the windows that you will get with our instructions.
It is suggested not to install windows 10 in your primary pc. Use a test computer or a virtual machine.
Step 1: Join in the program of windows and  Download the ISO image of windows.
Step 2: You will install in a regular pc, then an optical disk can be burnt or a bootable USB flash drive can be made. Otherwise, only by using the ISO image the software can be used in a virtual machine if you like.
Step 3: By clicking on NEXT button most of the time is installed. Only by remembering the word NEXT you can start it. Here is the procedure of installing below.
① Click on the NEXT button and INSTALL option will be appeared. Here will have to click.
② At this moment you will have the opportunity to choose either upgrade or install new custom
③ AS to install in a test pc, it is to choose the CUSTOME option.
④ Now you will have to select where install the windows 10. Here you will need to remove or make partition but if you are going to use virtual machine, then you just click on the NEXT button.
⑤ Now it will be installed.
⑥ After rebooting the pc, whether the windows is enabled or active will be shown in settings that you have just used the process settings.
⑦ And you can sign in to your Microsoft Account. Here it is suggested to use profoundly as you will not be able to use the almost the rest of the features. But you can also use Linux and Windows 7 in this regard. Whether your account set-up is accurate or not may be said to be checked sometimes. But we are ignoring it here as it’s a very lame issue.
⑧ Now the way of installing will be discussed. As we have been wanted to test all the procedure in a new pc, so we will select the SET UP AS A NEW PC INSTALLED option. But if you want you can copy all the settings to another pc.
⑨ Want to use OneDrive?  It fantastically works with windows, so we will leave it here.
⑩ Now we will see a colorful display, something is happening here.

⑪ At last the desktop is appeared.
**Now click on the start button and select what you want to do.
For Download Windows 10 ISO File Click.
System Requirements For Windows 10
Before you start Windows 10 isntalling make sure your PC have to minimum
System requirements.
Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
Hard Disk Space: 16 GB of free space required.
Processor: 1 GHz Intel Pentium processor or latest.